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To Lord Alfred Douglas
20 May 1895

My child,

Today it was asked to have the verdicts rendered separately. Taylor is probably being judged at this moment, so that I have been able to come back here. My sweet rose, my delicate flower, my lily of lilies, it is perhaps in prison that I am going to test the power of love. I am going to see if I cannot make the bitter waters sweet by the intensity of the love I bear you. I have had moments when I thought it would be wiser to separate. Ah! moments of weakness and madness! Now I see that that would have mutilated my life, ruined my art, broken the musical chords which make a perfect soul. Even covered with mud I shall praise you, from the deepest abysses I shall cry to you. In my solitude you will be with me. I am determined not to revolt but to accept every outrage through devotion to love, to let my body be dishonoured so long as my soul may always keep the image of you. From your silken hair to your delicate feet you are perfection to me. Pleasure hides love from us but pain reveals it in its essence. O dearest of created things, if someone wounded by silence and solitude comes to you, dishonoured, a laughing-stock to men, oh! you can close his wounds by touching them and restore his soul which unhappiness had for a moment smothered. Nothing will be difficult for you then, and remember, it is that hope which makes me live, and that hope alone. What wisdom is to the philosopher, what God is to his saint, you are to me. To keep you in my soul, such is the goal of this pain which men call life. O my love, you whom I cherish above all things, white narcissus in an unmown field, think of the burden which falls to you, a burden which love alone can make light. But be not saddened by that, rather be happy to have filled with an immortal love the soul of a man who now weeps in hell, and yet carries heaven in his heart. I love you, I love you, my heart is a rose which your love has brought to bloom, my life is a desert fanned by the delicious breeze of your breath, and whose cool springs are your eyes; the imprint of your little feet makes valleys of shade for me, the odour of your hair is like myrrh, and wherever you go you exhale the perfumes of the cassia tree.

Love me always, love me always. You have been the supreme, the perfect love of my life; there can be no other.

I decided that it was nobler and more beautiful to stay. We could not have been together. I did not want to be called a coward or a deserter. A false name, a disguise, a hunted life, all that is not for me, to whom you have been revealed on that high hill where beautiful things are transfigured.

O sweetest of all boys, most loved of all loves, my soul clings to your soul, my life is your life, and in all the worlds of pain and pleasure you are my ideal of admiration and joy.

— Oscar Wilde, De Profundis and Other Prison Writings (via oscarwilde)

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Corentin Tolisso appreciation post

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FC Nantes photo officielle 2014/15

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A really long list of football questions:


1. Three teams you like

2. Three teams you do not like

3. A team you can’t tolerate and you do not even know why.

4. A team that surprised you in recent years (negative way or positive way)

5. The thing you like the most about your club or NT

6. The thing you dislike…

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paulopogba asked: Lyon & Nice :)

Push off a cliff: idk maybe Lindsay Rose, he seems unattractive for me somehow
Frick frack: Nabil Fekir with no hesitation
Marry: Yassine Benzia would be a perfect husband I suppose?
Set on fire: Alexandre Lacazette, especially when he wears that flower sweater
Wrap a blanket around: my puppy Correntin Tolisso
Be roommates with: maybe Samuel Umtiti

Push off a cliff: noooo, not in Nice please, there is no option here
Frick frack: well, let it be, um, Grégoire Puel, i kinda have a thing for him
Marry: can i have two husbands? thank you, i’ll choose Valentin Eysseric and Eric Bauthéac
Set on fire: Jordan Amavi of course, no other way
Wrap a blanket around: Neal Maupay. such an adorable baby to wrap a blanket around, am i right?
Be roommates with: Nampalys Mendy, I bet he’ll keep the room tidy ‘cause I’m not able to do it

Thank you!!

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